Cemeteries have just changed forever. Digital Memorial has launched their Augmented Reality services to the funeral industry. Families are given the free Digital Memorial app to access a full life story of their loved one. There are no attachments to or markers on the gravestone no interference with the area.

ARcombinedstill600Digital Memorial has this week launched its Digital Memorial AR service. The service aims to improve the family memorialisation experience and change the way they use a cemetery or memorial area. Ultimately helping to keep a loved one’s memory alive and cope with bereavement.

Digital Memorial survey and scan a complete location/cemetery or have funeral directors send in images for the family via email. Using AR bespoke mobile technology, Digital Memorial then make the location digital ready and send the family the link to the free app.

Digital Memorial AR is completely contactless and has no attachments or fittings at the graveside. The service will work on headstones, memorial stones, benches or any distinguishable special place.

When the family or friends open the app, point it at the gravestone the app will recognise ‘the name’ and up pops the image and life story of a loved one. Families can choose a public or password protected private setting. They can also edit or update information on the page.

Richard Longworth, Founder of Digital Memorial commented – ‘We specialize in technology based memorialisation services for the global funeral service industry and the trade response we’ve had so far suggests this service is a complete ‘game changer in the market’.

‘It’ll change the way families and friends use cemeteries giving richer fuller experience, it’ll change the way we memorialise loved ones adding a whole new dimension to headstone information.

Digital Memorial have been working with the Funeral Service Industry for over two years on AR Augmented Reality, NFC near field communications and QR codes all with one object to improve the memorialisation and help ‘keep their memory alive’.