Image Recognition


Make the whole site DM ready

  • Download the free Digital Memorial App
  • Any Smartphone Android and Apple
  • Open App on Smartphone and walk
  • No attachments to grave or memorial stone
  • Nil cost set up to site owner

Find the gravestone or marker

  • Point the phone at engraved name
  • App locks onto engraved name
  • Phone scans grave to compare on database
  • Image identification 100% of clean image
  • 5 year re-scan

Phone locks on name

  • Floating image on screen
  • Instructions to activate
  • Name of person
  • No contact with gravestone

Tap on Screen

  • Touch screen
  • Activates instructions
  • All at the graveside or special place
  • Various designs available
  • Password protected if required

Launches Web page

  • Launches personal site
  • Navigation to see more ie video, stories
  • Family can leave moderated messages.
  • Family can edit text and add pictures.
  • Various designs available.

Launch video tribute

  • Instead of Web site launch tribute video.
  • Images, music, text.
  • Various designs and layouts.
  • 100% produced to your requirements.